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Important Update To American Standard’s Residential Limited Warranty

Effective April 2, 2018, there will be a change to the limited warranty to include home sale management.

Home Sale Management is part of the terms and conditions of the residential limited warranty document. It involves managing the warranty term (length) based on the installed address zoning and whether or not the home is sold. The limited warranty term can be changed based on where it is installed, residential or commercial or if the home transfers ownership from the original equipment owner to subsequent owner.

A Home Sale test will only be completed on registered equipment. This eliminates the need to supply an address during claim entry or warranty lookup.

If there is a home sale for products registered May 1, 2009 until July 31, 2011, base limited warranty will be applied. Transfer is not available.
If there is a home sale for products registered on or after August 1, 2011, there is an option to transfer the remaining balance of the limited warranty to the new owner for 90 days after home sale.
If the limited transfer warranty does not occur within 90 days of home sale, the base limited warranty will be applied.

For assistance or additional questions, contact Residential Warranty Assistance at warrantyadministration@irco.com or by calling 844-590-9915. Click here to read the Home Sales Management FAQ.